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How To Build A Log Cabin – “The Smart Log Home Guide”

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Your Log Home Lifestyle can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your lifetime!… It starts with the dream of your own Log Home…the memories you will create, will be a legacy your Family will always treasure!

The dream of living the Log Home Lifestyle is being shared by more & more families today, and has prompted many important changes in Log Home Trends, methods of construction, cost effectiveness and quality assurance.

You can get started by downloading your copy of:  “How To Build A Log Cabin – the Smart Log Home Guide”

Over the past 30 years we have seen all of these changes take place, and have seen Log Home Companies & Builders create & build many new & exciting innovations in Log Home products & services, as well as making improvements of existing products and services for those who have chosen to embrace the Log Home lifestyle.

We welcome you to become a part of a unique and growing family, who are enjoying the Log Home Lifestyle, and have chosen to “plug in”to this resource guide and all of the benefits that we have to offer.

The Log Home Guide is provided by veterans in the Log Home Industry. As Log Home Pros, we understand the difference that quality construction can make… It is also the difference between craftsmanship that is professional in both structural application & appearance. We also know how frustrating a Log Home Construction project can become when a DIY home owner lacks the skills to problem solve various construction techniques.

We can help you overcome these obstacles to achieve the kind of results you want, and can offer personalized mentoring and valuable advice during the course of your building project.

Also … if you want to use your favorite “stick frame” builder, but they do not have much Log Home experience… We can provide assistance to help them better understand some of the best ways to include log accents, or to just simply build the Log Home you want from start to finish.

Many “do-it-yourselfers” possess the aptitude, but simply need a bit of guidance to produce great results.

This is why we offer some of these basic mentoring services for FREE! here on our website, including our Mini-Course…”Building a Smart Log Home”.  This is a great resource and a sample of what is included in the Ebook, “The Smart Log Home Guide”.

Just Sign-Up using the form in the upper left and you’ll get 7 modules of valuable information.

We can give you personalized, more intensive services for all of our registered members. We offer coaching, mentoring services limited to, but including, private email, phone support, written critiques, planning summary’s, or a complete project evaluation with a budget analysis of your building project.

We want your experience of building your Log Home to be a pleasant & rewarding one, and something you can be proud of for generations to come !

Here at The Log Home Guide…. We offer you a wealth of information to help you make choices that are right for you and your family as you plan to build your dream Log Home or vacation cabin.

Need to pick out a Log Home Floor Plan?…

We also offer a large collection of some of the Best Log Cabin Floor Plans on the net, as well as access to the best Log Home floor plan architects & designers, all at very reasonable costs.

Click on “Log Cabin Floor Plans “ to see near photo quality renderings of each available stock floor Plan.

Also… you can pick out a floor plan that you wish to have customized just for you and your family. These services are offered by the best in our industry, at reasonable costs.

Click on the images above to select a Floor Plan Group

Plan Ordering Information

Log Home Plan/Garage packages range from $575.00 to $1500.00 depending upon size/complexity of the structure and the form of the actual plans. You will find the prices for a particular plan on that particular Floor Plan Page.

REMEMBER… when you purchase any of our Log Cabin House Plans …you get a FREE copy of our ebook/guide … “How To Build A Log Cabin -the Smart Log Home Guide Just email your Floor Plan purchase transaction details, and we will send the download link to you!

Also…check out our “Product Links ” page for a recommended collection of the best log Home products available to you. Also… click on the “ Log Cabin Builders ” link, to find a U.S. Map and some of the best Log Cabin Builders in your region.

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